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United Kingdom Islamic Economy Report 2018

17 April, 2018 | Industry Report
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United Kingdom Islamic Economy Report 2018


DescriptionUK Islamic Economy Report 2018: Geared for Growth magnifies the Islamic economy within the UK’s overall economy, through highlighting its developments, growth challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead of its expansion. The report is accompanied by a list of UK’s Halal certified companies. The price of the report and the accompanying companies database is USD 200
Executive SummaryThe Islamic economy in the UK is heading towards rapid growth and prevalent recognition that is drawing significant attention to the Islamic Economy opportunities in the country. Awareness is on the rise as British Muslims are embracing their traditional values and religiosity, while the UK’s ability to cater to different ethnic groups’ needs lead them to being one of the most visited destinations by Muslims. There is an increasing appetite towards the Islamic industry and the concept of Halal, as businesses are accommodating consumers’ demand for Halal products and services. The UK Islamic Economy Report 2018: Geared for Growth brings you exclusive developments, business opportunities and an outlook for the future direction of the Islamic Economy in the UK